Teacher / Parent Partnership

At our Nursery, partnership with parents is very important and key to children’s learning and development.

The nursery shares as much information with parents as possible in order to ensure an open communication system. This is successful through a number of ways;

Through the use of the online learning journal, Tapestry, parents are able to see daily and weekly updates of what their children are doing at Nursery.

Through this a child’s progress is monitored and vital communication between parents is maintained. Experiences at home can also be celebrated via Tapestry, as the ‘whole’ child is valued and parents are encouraged to upload their own photographs and videos so that staff are able to engage with what is happening within the child’s life outside of school.

Parents are encouraged to come into the Nursery room each morning, helping to settle their children into the busy day ahead and also allowing an important opportunity for parents to maintain daily contact with the Nursery teachers. Our Nursery staff understand that any event can impact on a child’s life, such as a bad night’s sleep.  Staff can then help and support the child through the day.

Nursery practitioners and parents constantly work together to provide plentiful and engaging learning opportunities, ensuring that children have the best ‘learning’ year they can. From a very open-door policy and formal parent-teacher meetings through to parents accompanying school outings, helping with class activities and Kabbalat Shabbat Drop In’s, parents are vital in helping support their child’s teaching.