Learning ethos

Play. Learn. Grow.

At HJPS we want our pupils to leave as well-rounded individuals who are ready to enter modern British society, proud of their Jewish heritage and their community.

Our ethos of being ready, respectful and safe underpins all that we do. Through a broad and balanced curriculum, we inspire life-long learning of core skills through our National and Jewish Studies curriculum. Every child is valued and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Through clear timetabling, every child receives a broad and balanced curriculum which has been developed specifically for our school, using a range of schemes to support learning.

Teachers provide adaptive teaching as a pedagogy to ensure all children can access the curriculum, with opportunities for mastery at its core. Assessment is both formative and summative, informing next step planning to close gaps or move learning forward.

Child well-being is of paramount importance as it is recognised that happy children learn well.

The learning environment is engaging and children are encouraged to develop independence in learning early on through peer discussion and creative provision.

With our Jewish ethos and creativity at its core, children are immersed in memorable moments enabling active engagement in their school-life.

Children leave HJPS with a developed cultural capital, ready to enter modern Jewish British society and the next stage of their education.

With our focus on well-being, pupils leave as resilient, confident and self-motivated individuals; able to express themselves clearly to both peers and adults. Children make good progress throughout their time at Hertsmere, achieving above National Averages, and leave with life-long friendships.