Under the expert guidance of our experienced EYFS team, led by Mrs Lipman, the children at Little Herts and HJPS Nursery learn in a secure, warm, caring, inclusive and stimulating environment.

Our nursery offers excellent resources and facilities and children have access to indoor and outdoor areas mirroring the planned learning objectives of the week. Jewish festivals and themes are integrated into the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

The entire nursery includes a large outside space which comprises of a climbing frame, see-saw, car driving track, bikes, houses, plus other resources and materials. The children love this considerable open space and the freedom they have to choose their outdoor activity.

Other key nursery areas include a Kodesh/home space for domestic and Friday night role play, a reading area, a mark-making area and a general topic area where various subjects are explored based on the children’s request.

There is also an ICT area, a malleable materials space, a construction space and a planting area where the children are currently planting tangerines and daffodils and watching them grow.

The mud, sand and outdoor construction areas are amongst the most popular in the nursery!

Learning opportunities are engaging, exciting and all children are encouraged to reach their learning potential within the stimulating nursery environment provided.

Both morning and afternoon nurseries heavily focuses on individual needs and interests of children, which informs planning for forthcoming sessions.