Remembrance Sunday 2018 – Armistice 100 & The Poppy Appeal
6th December 2018

Hertsmere Jewish Primary School collected £144.86 for the Poppy Appeal.  The Royal British Legion’s local organiser wrote that without the help of schools such as ourselves, they would be unable to continue their welfare and benevolent work they carry out on behalf of the charity.

In addition, to remember and recognise the sacrifice of all those that served and bravely fought as soldiers defending our country, we learned about World War 1.  We thought about the questions:

If we don’t think about or reflect on things that have happened in the past, either to us or to others, can we still learn from it?
Can remembering the past help us make a better future?
Is it important to reflect on the past for the good of the future?

We had a school assembly around the idea of Armistice 100, 100 years since the end of Word War 1.

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