Nursery and Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Teacher/Parent Partnership

At both our nursery provisions, a partnership with parents is very important, and even key to the children’s learning and development.

The nursery shares as much information with parents as possible in order to ensure an open communication system.

We have adopted a “Magic Moments” concept wall where parents contribute to the overall experience of children’s learning and tell us about something fantastic their child has experienced at home.

There is also a very detailed Home/School link book which goes home every Friday providing information on the children’s learning the prior week and a summary of themes and learning for the upcoming week. Parents love this as they can really get a handle on the child’s actual learning and what’s to come, enabling them to take the learning home and further explore it with their child.

Nursery practitioners and parents constantly work together to provide plentiful and engaging learning opportunities, ensuring that children have the best ‘learning’ year they can. From a very open door policy and formal parent-teacher meetings through to parents accompanying school outings, helping with class activities and Kabbalat Shabbat Drop In’s, parents are vital in helping support their child’s teaching.

Links with Jewish Studies

At the HJPS Nursery we practice and promote Orthodox Jewish values in all aspects of Nursery life. Using the principles of the secular Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, nursery practitioners and a dedicated Jewish Studies teacher provide nursery children with high quality and age appropriate religious learning that teaches values, customs and traditions of Jewish life. Much emphasis is placed on kinaesthetic learning and singing activities to reinforce key ideas of Jewish life.

The experiences for nursery children is enhanced through focus on the cycle of the year (Chagim), Berachot and Tefillah. Tefillah is recited daily as well as the Brachot for fruit, vegetables, drinks, hand washing and bread. The children participate in a weekly Kabbalat Shabbat party within the Nursery.


At the HJPS Nursery we arrange visits outside the nursery to support learning that happens inside the nursery. These outings occur in the Spring and Summer Terms. We encourage parents to join us on these outings and support the childrens’ learning experiences.

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