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The Nursery and Reception forms for entry to HJPS in September 2024, as well as the Certificate of Religious Practice can be found below.

New CRP Process for 2024/25

If you completed a form in the last two years, the process has now been reviewed and updated.  To be considered a priority applicant, Reception and Nursery applications must submit a CRP as well as a Supplementary Information Form (Reception) or an Application Form (Nursery), even if this was submitted for Nursery 2023 or there is a sibling at HJPS. 

All documentation must be supplied either in a PDF format, by post or by hand via our security team.

Hertfordshire County Council opens their portal on Wednesday 1 November – please click here.  Registration with the council is a requirement for all Reception applications.

Click here for a detailed explanation of the CRP process and a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  If you have any further questions, please contact

Documentation for 2024/25 Entry

Certificate of Religious Practice 2024-25 – 4 points – for Nursery, Reception and In-Year Entry 2024

2024-25 Nursery application form for 2024

2024-25 Supplementary Information Form – Reception 2024 and In-Year Entry 2024

Admissions Policy for Reception to Year 6 2024-25

Admissions Policy for Nursery 2024-25

Appeals for 2024-25

If your child applied to Hertsmere Jewish Primary School or our Nursery but was not offered a place, you have a right to appeal this decision to an independent appeal panel. The appeals timetable depends on the type of application:

Year GroupType of ApplicationDate of Notification whether a place is allocatedDeadline to submit appealAppeal hearing date
NurseryOn time application for September 2024[February 2024]4pm on 31 May 2024Between 21 June and 12 July
ReceptionOn time application for September 202416 April 20244pm on 31 May 2024Between 21 June and 12 July
Nursery or ReceptionLate application for September 2024February 2024 for Nursery
May or June 2024 for Reception
Within 20 school days after notification that the application was unsucessfulWithin 60 school days after notification that the application was unsuccessful or within 30 school days after the appeal is submitted, whichever is the later
AnyIn-year applicationWithin 15 school days after applicationWithin 20 school days after notification that the application was unsucessfulWithin 30 school days after the appeal is submitted

If you submit an appeal after the relevant deadline, it will still be scheduled, but it may be heard at a later date than appeals that were submitted on time, which may put you at a disadvantage. We will endeavour to hold these appeals within 40 school days after the appeal is lodged.

Appellants will be notified of their hearing date at least 10 school days before the hearing.

If you have any queries regarding the admissions process please email us at

Documentation for 2023 Admissions Entry

Nursery & Reception CRP 2023-24

Supplementary Information Form – Reception 2023/24 and Continued Interest

Nursery Application Form for 2023/24

Policy – Nursery 2023-24

Policy – Reception 2023-24

Policy – Continued Interest 2023-24

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