About HJPS


Take a look at what some of our parents have said about HJPS.

Mr and Mrs Klein

As July approaches, my husband and I reflect on 13 wonderful years of education our three children received at HJPS.  Now that our youngest child is preparing to leave for secondary school, we realise it’s a stepping stone rather than a leap, due to the excellent foundation and grounding he received at HJPS – but then again we have already been through this twice before. It speaks volumes for the school.

We recently attended their prize giving ceremony for awards at the end of Key Stage 3.  They chose 5 students for overall effort and five for overall achievement.  7 out of the 10 pupils chosen were all ex-HJPS students (including one of our daughters).  So out of 150 students for that year, it’s pretty brilliant and a real reflection on the teaching at HJPS.

At the ceremony they also gave awards for pupils at the end of Key Stage 4.  There were two awards for each subject taken at GCSE level.  Again, almost half the students were ex-HJPS pupils (including our other daughter).

As we head towards the end of our HJPS lives with our last child, we want to say how we have nothing but praise for Hertsmere Jewish Primary School.

Mr and Mrs Hyames

We didn’t get offered Hertsmere Jewish Primary School at first and we were really upset; but second round came and we received a phone call and jumped for joy, accepting the place even before the Admissions Officer had finished her sentence!

From the start of our children’s journey at HJPS, we have watched them grow into confident, responsible, hard-working children, who skip into school every day because they are so happy, who embrace the morals and values encouraged by their teachers and they both have a lovely circle of friends.

When our children are at school, we are confident they are safe, their academic needs are being catered for, their emotional needs are being nurtured and their social needs are more than taken care of!

Teachers have always been of a high standard and every year we feel they have “got” our children and encouraged them to be the best that they can be. Both of our children love Jewish Studies. The Jewish Studies team is so animated and creative that Judaism just comes alive! And through the years, they have benefited from extra curricular activities such as drama, drum lessons, art club and tennis.

When we count our blessings at night, being part of this school is one of them. We can’t thank the staff at HJPS enough for giving our children the best possible start to their education and to us, as their parents, the support and guidance to help bring out the best in them.

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