About HJPS

Class teachers 2021/22

The class teachers are responsible for the day to day welfare of the pupils and are usually the first point of contact for a parent with a concern. They will know the children very well, and they monitor all aspects of a child’s development at the school. The class teacher teaches most of the subjects.


ClassTeacherJewish Studies Teacher
NurseryMrs N LipmanMiss H Abrams
Reception AshMrs R Milman/Mrs D ColleyMiss H Abrams
Reception BeechMiss SchwarzeMiss H Abrams
Year 1 AshMrs Selzer/Mrs MorrowMrs P Berkley
Year 1 BeechMrs Hickman/Mrs RabinMrs P Berkley
Year 2 AshMrs Manstoff/Mrs GaleMrs P Berkley
Year 2 BeechMiss YoungMrs P Berkley
Year 3 AshMrs Russell/Mr PhillipsMrs Zerbib
Year 3 BeechMrs ObidipeMrs Zerbib
Year 4 AshMrs R RifkinMrs Zerbib
Year 4 BeechMiss A ShackletonMrs Zerbib
Year 4 CedarMrs J MyeroffMrs Zerbib
Year 5 AshMrs N SilverMr B Moss
Year 5 BeechMrs F TaylorMr B Moss
Year 6 AshMiss A ConwayMr B Moss
Year 6 BeechMr A BrightMr B Moss
Year 6 CedarMrs T Caplan/Ms D HawkinsMr B Moss
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