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At HJPS we provide opportunities for pupils to explore their own culture and have a clear understanding and appreciation of a wide range of bvalues2the cultural influences that have shaped modern Britain.

We encourage all children to be tolerant and respectful to those of different faiths and beliefs.  This is done by providing the children with an understanding of the main festivals and key dates of significance to the British culture e.g. St. Georges Day and Diwali. We are forming strong links in our local community with other local schools and are participating in a range of out of school activities e.g. multi-skills, choir.

To download a PDF of the HJPS British Values Statement, please click here.





Remembrance Sunday 2018 – Armistice 100

To remember and recognise the sacrifice of all those that served and bravely fought as soldiers defending our country, we have been learning about World War 1.  We have been thinking about the questions:

If we don’t think about or reflect on things that have happened in the past, either to us or to others, can we still learn from it?
Can remembering the past help us make a better future?
Is it important to reflect on the past for the good of the future?

We had a school assembly around the idea of Armistice 100, 100 years since the end of Word War 1.  We have been buying poppies and understand how our charitable actions have a positive impact on families of those that were so brave many years ago.

We also collected £144.86 for the Poppy Appeal.  The Royal British Legion’s local organiser wrote that without the help of schools such as ourselves, they would be unable to continue their welfare and benevolent work they carry out on behalf of the charity.

Chanukah and Christmas 2018

Last week Miss Wagner taught the children of our local C of E school, St John’s in Radlett, about Chanukah.  This week we were visited by Mrs Griffin from St John’s who delivered an assembly around the importance of Christmas for Christians.  We each learnt the story behind the two festivals and discussed the customs and traditions of the two important celebrations for people in Britain and across the world at this time of year.




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