Ofsted/LA review

Ofsted/LA review

Changes made since the last OFSTED Inspection in January 2009 

  • HJPS has forged closer links with parents by inviting them to lesson drop-ins on a termly basis.
  • The Learning Platform is a communication tool for the parents to access information about the school.
  • A new, updated website has been put in place.
  • The newsletter is emailed weekly to parents.
  • The parent questionnaire has enabled the Senior Leadership Team to respond to parental need and where appropriate, to make operational changes.

Ofsted Report 2009

Local Authority Review 2012

The inspectors reported that ‘…children’s behaviour and conduct when moving around the school, to and from lessons, assembly and playgrounds was judged to be exemplary and staff at all levels manage this behaviour well so that pupils are orderly and display good conduct.’  ‘…All pupils interviewed stated that they felt safe and would know who to speak to if they had any issues and were confident that they would be resolved.’

Local Authority Review 2018

The inspectors reported that our area of strengths are:

‘Girls achievement.’
‘Overall achievement at the expected standard, and above, in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).’
‘Phonics outcomes at the end of Year 1.’
‘The achievement gap between the more able boys and girls seen in the school is generally much lower than that seen locally or nationally.’
‘The overall quality of marking and feedback provided for the children is good.’
‘The high expectations the staff have of what the children are able to achieve.’

Ofsted Report 2019

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