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19th June 2017

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Congratulations to the HJPS swimming team who competed at the Maccabi Swimming Gala last night at Copthall.  It was a huge success and everyone in the team were placed either first, second or third.  The children were a credit to HJPS and they are to be commended for this superb achievement.  Many thanks to Ms Skolnek and all the parent helpers/support she received for this event.  Below are the pupils who competed, alongside their awards:

Daisy Feinson Gold x 2
Max Patnick Gold
Jacob Clement Silver x 2
Sivan Hermon Silver
Yoni Nemko Silver
Daisy Feinson Silver
Millie Ash Bronze
Jayden Klein Bronze
Adam Bannon Bronze
Amelie Pittack Fourth place
Team Relay Boys – fourth place
Team Relay Girls – fourth place

As you are probably aware, the weather is getting significantly warmer over the next few days.  Please send pupils to school with a bottle of water and they will be given opportunities to refill them over the course of the day.

Just a reminder to Year 5 parents that we look forward to seeing you for the Kingswood play.  The deadline to respond regarding attendance has been extended until Tuesday 13 June at 9.00am.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Year 6 are excited for their trip to Aldenham this week.  Watch out for the flyer for the Annie production – coming shortly!

Finally, we wish the swimming team lots of luck for the Maccabi swimming gala.


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