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Teaching and learning leadership 2016-2017

Teaching and Learning/Curriculum DevelopmentMrs R Alak-Levi (Team Leader), Mr S Isaacs, Mrs J Kaye, Mr D Lax
Jewish StudiesMr D Lax
AssessmentMrs J Kaye (Team Leader), Mr S Isaacs, Miss N Rubin, Mrs D Athersych
EnglishMiss N Rubin, Mrs N Rose (Team Leaders), Mrs G Meyer
MathematicsMrs N Lipman (Team Leader), Mrs J Kaye, Miss G Mannie
ScienceMiss J Young, Mrs J Spencer, Mrs L Selzer
Early Years Foundation StageMrs J Myeroff (Team Leader/Head of Early Years), Mrs R Milman
Art and D&TMiss J Young
Humanities and Cultural Diversity/British ValuesMrs H Martin, Mrs R Milman, Mr S Isaacs, Mrs A Waller
ComputingMrs G Gilbert (Team Leader), Miss M Samra, Miss D Wagner
Modern Foreign LangugagesMr D Lax
PSHE, Behaviour and School CouncilMiss N Rubin
LibraryMrs J Spencer, Mrs R Milman
MusicMrs D Joseph
PEMs S Skolnek
TeamsMiss N Rubin
Designated Safeguarding PersonsMr S Isaacs (DSP), Mrs H Martin, Mrs A Waller (Deputy DSPs)
Teaching & Learning MentorMrs D Colley
JS LinkMrs G Gilbert

To download a PDF of the teaching and learning leadership 2016-2017 list, please click here.

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